Sunday, December 12, 2010

Photos By Grandma Hanson

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As many of you know Erik's mother is a photographer. We love to get pictures done when we get to see her. Here are a few of the pictures she took this last visit! Sure helps to have such a cute smiley subject to photo! :D

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I don't blog often enough so when I do I have so much to catch readers up on!
* Sofia is 6 months (almost 7, Dec 10th!)
* We just got home from a long 11 day vacation in South Dakota... we spent Thanksgiving there. It was so fun!We got to catch up with lots of Eriks family and my parents and lil sis went too.
* Erik started a new job Dec 1. So far so good!
* I am almost done with finals then I have 2 classes left and I'm done with the course work for my MS in JP. FINALLY!
* WE ARE EXPECTING baby #2 due July 4th 2011! SURPRISE!
* Sofia is now eating 3 meals a day and some bottle in between. She really just uses them to fall asleep.
* Sofia eats sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, and some banana. She really doesn't care for the banana. This surprised me I thought all babies liked banana.
* She still eats some cereal also.
* She still goes to baby gym, and I think we found a babysitter. She works there and she loves Sofia! And Sofia really likes her. So Erik and I may be able to get out here and there. I would love to go to a movie.
* Sofia still says MMMMMMMM with every bite. It is so cute.
* She is so very social. She loves to smile at people. Shes so smiley! Erik says if we were Native Americans we would name her " One who smiles a lot". LOL!
* She still loves the camera, and loves to have her picture taken.
* She has a bouncer and that entertains her for a good while. I love watching her chubby legs bounce around in that thing.
* She is now moving to level 3 on your baby can read. She really pays attention to it. I know she isn't actually reading yet, but she's def learning with the videos and the flash cards we do.
*21 days til Christmas! I'm so anxious to take her picture with Santa! I don't know if she will cry or not. We will find out this week.
Well thats it for now!
Hugs and Kisses!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Well, we FINALLY got Sofia baptised! She was so well behaved. She looked beautiful. She is so smart, it seemed like she knew what was going on. She didn't fuss, cry, squirm, or anything! Even Father Joseph told us he had done plenty of baptisms but she was the best behaved. I don't know if he was joking, but she did behave really well. She is such an angel. Her God parents live in South Dakota (Matt &Lisa)and couldn't join us. My parents got to stand in for them. All our family in Corpus Christi came out to celebrate with us!It was a lovely day!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sweet Sofia

so i am probably the worst blogger ever!!!! i forgot i even started a blog :(
so here we are, sofias almost 5 months. time has really flown by.i love her more and more lets play catch up...
Sofia today:
*she's def teething, my poor baby is drooly and a bit cranky at times.
*she loves to smile, every where we go people comment on how happy she is.
*she's eating cereal, and she loves it! she says ummmm with every bite and she dives for the spoon(good thing the spoons are rubber).
*she wakes up twice at night to eat...hungry hungry hippo :)
*she loves her bumbo and so do i!
*shes trying to roll over, though we dont have her on her back or tummy much mostly in the bumbo.
*she loves to babble, i think she loves the sound of her own voice.
*she sneaks into our bed at night ;)
*we go to play group every other monday. everyone loves her there!
*we go to story time every tuesday at the library. its so cute because shes the youngest one there. she just sits in her bumbo and watches all the others interact.
*she has found her feet and bites them pretty hard.
*she has a good grip.
*she is learning chinese through a program at the library. nihao. wo jio hanson tai tai means hello. call me mrs. hanson, haha im learning too!
* we are starting the your baby can read program, hope it works, its very time consuming!
*she loves to be read to.
everyday shes changing and is so amazing. she is just a living doll.

erik is super busy with work and getting his business started.
i am super busy with sofia and school. i cant wait to finish my program.
this weekend we are going to a pumpkin patch. will post pics. cant wait to put her in her halloween costume!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

40 weeks and 1 day

So Miss Sofia decided not to be a Cinco de Mayo baby... but thats ok. We are now 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant. She is taking her sweet time. We had a doctor appointment this morning. The doctor said everything looks good, she weighs about 6 lbs 12 oz. The doctor decided if Sofia doesn't come on her own in the next few days we will be induced at 6am Monday morning 5/10/10. So this weekend we will play it by ear and see what she does. I hope she's here by Mother's Day 5/9/10, but if not we will meet her the next day. Everyone keeps asking if I am miserable. The truth is not really, but I am super anxious.The more we wait the more I have time to think about things...and the more I start to worry.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby Showers Bring my May Flower!!!

We have been blessed with 4 baby showers (Candace's work, Erik's work, coming up this Monday, Candace's aunties in C.C., and BFF Gina), hosted and attended by close family and friends. We continue to get goodies for Miss Sofia...can't wait to put her in all her new outfits. She is going to be one stylish baby, thats for sure!
We have everything ready for her now, her car seat,baby jogger,blankets, bottles, clothes, bibs,etc, etc, etc...
Today Sofia is 38 weeks old, chugging along, looking forward to May 5th! We have a doctors appointment today and can't wait to hear about her progress.

Daddy turns 32... baby is 36 weeks old...almost full term

Yesterday was Erik's 32nd birthday and Sofia's 36th week! At the end of this week Sofia will be full term. At our last doctor's visit she weighed in at 4lbs 13 oz. She's a little on the small side, but she's healthy!All of her organs are forming nicely and she is moving right along. We now go to the doctor once a week for check ups. Doctor doesn't think we will go all the way to week 40, we say whenever she's ready, we are ready!All that matters to us now is that shes healthy!

First comes love, then comes marriage, then a baby in a baby carriage!!!

Hi ya'll! We decided to start this blog since we live in San Antonio, Texas and have no family here. We hope this blog keeps you informed as our family continues to grow!

A little bit about us...We were married August 8,2009. We had a beautiful wedding in Corpus Christi, Texas attended by family and close friends.We went on a wonderful ten day honeymoon to Jamaica. When we returned to our "normal, everyday" lives we had an unexpected twist to our plan. We found out we were expecting our first child. We were in total shock and disbelief. We quickly broke the news to family and friends which made it all more real and super exciting!
The past months have flown by and we are now tickled pink and ready to meet our little bundle of joy! We are having a girl! She will be fully cooked May 5th 2010... a cinco de mayo baby... puro party!
We have decided to name her Sofia Izabella Hanson.No history in the name, its just a beautiful name that we have agreed on.