Wednesday, March 2, 2011


every now and then i have those days where i want to scream! or better yet punch something! LOL! and today was one of them. sofia was screaming like never before when i dropped her off at baby gym, so bad that i didnt get to drop her off. so we turned around and headed home. before coming home i figured we would stop and get diapers from target and our weekly list at the grocery store. so first stop target, we get the huge pack of diapers, head to the car and she starts screaming. so i hurried to the car loaded her up, put the cart back and took off. hoping that the motion of the car would sooth her and she would fall asleep. so we get to the grocery store and shes asleep. BUT i realize i never got the diapers out of the cart at target. so i go back to target, the cart is gone. go inside target, take sofia inside, ask if anyone's turned in the pack of diapers. they were gone. so i buy another pack of diapers head out, load sofia back in the car, shes screaming again because shes so tired. we go back to the grocery store and sofia was finally really asleep. so i got what we needed and got home. UGHHHH what a morning.
i've come to realize how theraputic blogging is! sometimes i feel bad complaining to the same individuals, but blogging about it sure helps. and now i can laugh about this stupid day and its adventures.
the day ended well, sofia and i had a picnic for lunch, she loves to be outdoors so that calmed her down. then we came in and she finally had a really good nap.
but today leaves me wondering what i would have done if i had hektor already :/
i also realized, little outings like going to target to get diapers, will be such a production! im tired just thinking about it, goodnight!