Sunday, December 25, 2011

tis the season

sofia and i got started on our holiday baking early this yr. here are some pics of our sunday of baking! she was so helpful, lol.

Monday, December 19, 2011

cookie exchange playdate

sofia and i made cookies for our cookie exchange playdate. we had fun. we had just as much fun at our play date. hektor slept most of the time but sofia got in some play was a wonderful morning. and we got some reallllly good cookies:-)

sesame street live!

we went to sesame street live with our friends seana and nia. i really didnt know what to expect. but i was really pleased with how it all played out! the tickets were expensive, but it was something i really wanted to do with sofia. i had told myself not to be bummed if she didnt like it and we had to leave early. but nope, she and nia loved it and we watched the whole show. at the end they were dancing like it was a really cool concert, i guess for them it was!it was so precious!

Friday, December 16, 2011

sofias christmas cookies

taste test at the end!

never too many sprinkles!

some icing!

erik thought it would be nice if we and by we it means me, baked cookies for the culdesaq(i swear sometimes i wonder if he thinks i stare at the wall all day). but i agreed that it would be nice. we have gotten plenty of goods frm them when hektor was born, so now would be a good time to repay them!
so i googled cookie ideas, found some beautiful and tasty cookes to make. we headed out to the grocery store and got all we needed. hektor went down for his nap so sofia and i got started. she was soooo into it. more than i thought she would be. and at first i was super frustrated with her. i wanted to make these beautiful cookies, but she was messing them up. lol. and so i decided to let her. she was so happy to help. the joy that it brought her to help made me realize that i will have plenty of time to make the perfect martha steward cookies. but for now i need to let her help. even if that means the neighbors get cookies that are not exactly christmas trees and are literally rough around the edges.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

picture picture

Sofia 19 months

my little missy 19 months already! Shes so stinkin cute, its hard to get mad at her:/
*shes sleeping through the night, in her room
*eating everything except hamburger meat, not sure i blame her on that one!
* very helpful with brother
*not potty trained, my new years resolution!:)
*talking more, if that was possible, putting words together. example, baby crying or bye, gotta go!
* favorite movies spirit and chipmunks. shes now trying to ride hektor when he does tummy time. she thinks hes like the horse frm spirit. she tries riding the dog too but she runs way frm her.
*she has renamed the dog, frm lucy to scuzzi to papuzzi. lol
* shes a little mommy in the making. she carries around her bears the way i carry hektor.
*weighs about 22 pounds
* she loves to sing! its so sweet to hear her voice.
*into elmo, we are going to see sesame street live with some friends and i cant wait to see her face!
*shes loving all the christmas lights!she says preeeeeety. we go for a walk around 545 so all the lights are on and she loves it!
*she calls santa just ta. im not sure why?
*and from now on i think i need to buy two of everything (when possible). whatever hektor has she wants and whatever sofia has he wants. i didnt think it would happen so soon! this morning she had a rubberband for my hair and he wanted it, really???? and of course since he wanted it she was ten times more into it. a flippin rubberband!?!?
* she loves to color and read
*most of all she loves to be outside, exploring.
*shes not afraid to venture out alone which of course worries me!
*she loves my phone but gets stage fright when she calls anyone.
*she blws kisses now and says muah!!!
* she loves to help me in the kitchen. i let her once and now she wants to help every day when we make dinner.
* favorite snack, popcorn!
shes my sweetie pie! Love her soooo much. its so fun watching her grow!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

for some reason both my babies like playing on the tab with the camera. enjoy the recent pics!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

oh you fancy huh?

whooohoo for date night thanks to a great aunt, literally! (My aunt, sofia and hektors great aunt cassandra)erik and i got to go on a double date with my parents. it was sooo much fun! A friend of the family got married. it was a black tie affair. what a great time we all had!

oh christmas tree oh christmas tree photos

oh christmas tree oh christmas tree

we finally got our tree up!
i was so excited to get our tree up and decorated this year. so, this morning i made starbucks cinnamon coffee, set pandora up on the tv, jamming to christmas music, put the kids in christmas jammies (for photo ops),and got the decorations out. everything started off great! hektor was calm in his bumbo. sofia was ever sooo preciously singing her heart out to o holy night. so i started with the lights on the tree. everything felt like from a movie, just next i started with all the snowflakes, then out of no where hektor is screaming because sofia wouldnt let him hold any ornaments. she would give them to him, then take them away and say nooooo noooooooo. so i decided to let her help me hang them on the tree to get her mind off of what he was doing. so she starts trying to hang them. but she could not figure out why they were not staying. (she was not hanging them, just placing). so tempur tantrum number one, over the ornaments not staying put. so then she was telling the ornaments nooooo noooo. haha. finally, a christmas miracle! She found a spot in the tree she could stack ornaments. thank god!!! so that kept her busy for a long while. i think she got about 8 or so to stay. Then,hektor started crying again, morning nap time. so i put him down for a nap and come back to find sofia had taken off about 15 ornaments. i guess she decided she didnt like them? so i get them from her to re hang, ughhh! And tempur tantrum number two. she wanted them put back in the box, grrrrrr. so i decide to let her put those back and continue to hang the rest. eventually she forgot about them. she was asking to watch chipmunks. i hesitated because, as corny as it sounds i wanted to hear christmas music! but i figured better to hear the chipmunks rather than a screaming toddler. so she won. and of course hektor got his cute christmas pjs all dirty before i got his picture in them. it was a fun,slow downward spiral of events this morning.
with an 18 month, a 5 month old, and a puppy i need to be realistic of how this tree will hold up this year:-/ sighhhh...

Monday, December 5, 2011

santa baby

sofia thought santa was a creepy guy this year! Haha. the pic is priceless. love my little butterball turkeys!

5 months!

Hektor at 5 months...
still not sleeping through the night. im very sleep deprived. if this post is incomplete i may have fallen asleep writing it!
he is a verrrrry light sleeper, in fact erik sleeps upstairs in the guest bedroom during the week so he can get some sleep and have energy at work.
he eats cereal three times a day. he loves it and gets excited watching me prepare it.
hes still very alert and aware of everything.
hes napping alone during the day now! I was having to hold him, but not any more!
hes begun to play in the play room with sofia.
he still sleeps in bed with me.
we still do cloth diapers, so far so good. i admit i use disposables when we are out in public or in corpus.
hes smiley just how sofia was.
it seems he prefers girls, lol. at the gym day care he will only go with the girl employees.
he wears size four disposable diapers. he and sofis wear the same size, lol.
hes very talkative
he still thinks sofia is sooo great : ) he smiles and talkS to her a lot. i hope they stay close always!hes reaching and grabbing anything and everything!
he sucks or chews on his thumb.
he doesnt roll over yet, but then again he hasnt had much practice cause he never lets me put him down!!
hes sitting well in the bumbo, finally!
hes growing and changing soooo fast! I love him more and more every single minute!