Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sofia is 9 months! baby Hanson #2 is 5 months!

So if you do the math you will see that these two will be 13-14 months apart. It's going to be so crazy, but I am so excited. I can hardly wait to find out the sex in the next few days (feb 16th). I am starting to think I am having a boy. I don't know why...
So Sofia at 9 months:
* She has 1 tooth. All last week she had trouble sleeping and we knew she was getting a tooth. The bump under her gums was there. It just took forever for it to cut through. But it did. Its on the bottom right.And shes back to her regular sleeping pattern. I really hope that we don't go through the sleepless nights for every tooth. Thats a lot of missing sleep for mama!
* She is crawling! She is pretty good at it too. She really keeps herself entertained for a good while.
* She hums when shes going to bed, so sweet. I usually sing twinkle twinkle, and now she chimes in with her humming :)
* She has learned to crawl to something and then stand up. No steps yet.I think it will be a while until she is walking. She is very cautious.
* She loves sesame street in spanish and your baby can read program.She listens and really focuses on the show. It's so cute!
* Her personality is changing now that she is crawling, actually I feel it changed from one day to the next. She is very independent and likes being able to move about on her own.
* She says mama, dada, nana, baba, she isn't atually naming things yet just in her bable she uses these words.
* She is getting good at waving bye bye.
* She is my social butterfly. She really engages with people and her surroundings.
* She still loves to shop in the cart. I think this is her social time.
* She is still going to baby gym. All the girls that work there love her. She does really well there. She doesn't fuss or cry for me. I think its because I have been taking her since 3 months, she is used to it. It is part of our daily routine and again its a chance for her to be social.
* She had a growth spurt!!! She is wearing 12 month clothes and shoes now. And moved up a diaper size,size 4.
* I am not sure how much she weighs, but we go to the doctor soon, so I will find out. I am thinking about 20 lbs.
* she is eating green beans, carrots, squash,peas, bananas, apples, berries, prunes, sweet potatoes, and yogurt. All in puree baby food form of course. Her favorties are green beans and sweet potatoes. She doesn't get any meats yet. I tried giving her turkey and she did NOT like it. I'll try again soon.
* She hates sippy cups. I have tried 3 different brands, and she is opposed to them.
* She still loves to bounce in her bouncer.Its so cute to see her curls fly everywhere when shes in that thing.
* She still has NOT had ANY vaccinations yet.She did get the stomach virus from me this past week. She recovered very quickly, about 12 hours.( Faster than my body recovered anyways, it took me a solid 24 hours.) I am leary about vaccinations and all that autism news. We just found out a friend of ours daughter has autism. This makes me so nervous. We were planning on starting at one year, but that will be here soon, may push it to two years...
***SPECIAL NOTE! I have tried to catch Sofia in action, crawling and babbling, but as soon as she sees or hears the camera, she stops and poses and starts smiling for me to take her picture. It is so frustrating and precious all at the same time. She's too smart this little girl. And she loves to have her pictures taken (good for Grnadma Hanson!)

Baby Hanson #2 is 5 months, and fixing to double in size, within these next few weeks. I am so anxious to know the sex. We have names for boy and girl. So it's just a waiting game now.