Wednesday, February 8, 2012

sofia 21 months

This is two days early but we will be out of town....Sofia is ALMOST 21 months....eeek! Terrible twos a couple months away! ALthough I dont think she will be terrible, lol. I am definately already thinking about her party and pretty set on veggie tale theme. SHe loves it sooo much and honestly so do I. The lessons are really good and can be applied in the adult world too!
Sofia at 21 months....
* weighs 22 pounds, yup Hektors gaining on her quick
* shes fast, fast runner and on her toes all the time.
* shes happpy girl.
* knows what she wants
* having a hard time sharing,but we are working on it!
*loves to sing, and i love to hear her sing.
* Shes sweet with hektor
* loves to eat rice & yoigurt
* loves to be outside and with the smelly dog!
* totally into veggie tales, toy story 3, spirit, and calliou
* can count to 3
* working on please and thank you
* still goes on and on and on in her language, but slowly speaking more english
* loves when daddy comes home.
* loves to play angry birds on the tab
* loves to color
* loves to paint and finger paint
* will start soccer this!
* likes to eat dog food
* still not potty trained but im not too worried about it.
* loves her crib, so not moving to big girl bed for a while.
shes just a ray of sunshine. i love her so very much! cant belive time is passing so fast!
* shes starting to help around the house...kinda. we ordered the learning tower so she can help me wash she wants to help she just makes things a little more difficult.
Things are finally getting easier around here. I still have those days where i think thats it! Im going back to work and putting them in daycare, this is too stressful! Then i calm down and totally eat my words.

Hektor is 7 months old!

Hektor is already 7 months old! SOOO hard to believe hes closer to age one than newborn :( Time has passed so quickly. I can't believe it. Yes I am already thinking of a birthday theme. Im not really sure he is that into anything yet, just whatever sister is into right now.
Hektor at 7 months...
* wakes up once during the night, 4 am. I give him a bottle and he sleeps until 6 or so.
* hes fully recovered from a double ear infection, ouch! he was such a soldier, just like daddy!i knew something was up because he wasnt wanting to sleep AT ALL. So sure enough we went to the dr and he had a double ear infection. Thank God it is all healed now. Hes back to sleeping better.
* hes a very light sleeper, and doesnt really like to sleep. He tries so hard to keep up with older sister, but poor baby needs his sleep. He is good about his morning nap, but always always fights the afternoon nap.
* hes sitting up all alone now
* he has one little tooth, bottom left.
* he weighs 18 pounds now and is 26 inches.
* he wears 6-9 month clothes still. its cute b/c the sleeve and pant legs are long. but hes a solid kid.
* he has long narrow feet and long finger toes, just like his daddy.
* hes a happy baby as long as hes getting what he wants, which usually means me carrying him.
* he likes me to be right there with him. if i walk away he freaks out.
* hes a flrt, he loves to be in the spotlight.
* he holds his own bottle
* hes talking a lot. he even says mama often. its so sweet. i dont think hes calling me mama but he says it.
* he loves sofia, hes always laughing at her. shes pretty clueless.
* hes a good eater. his favorites are sweet potatoes and his plain cereal. SAME AS SOFIA! how wierd is that. he likes peas too.
* he hasnt tried to crawl yet, but he loves to sit up and look around.
* he always flips out of the bumbo, not sure why he doesnt like that thing?
* hes smiley, just like sofia was.
Hes just sooooo precious. I cant believe hes growing so fast. I love him so much! My baby boy!