Friday, December 16, 2011

sofias christmas cookies

taste test at the end!

never too many sprinkles!

some icing!

erik thought it would be nice if we and by we it means me, baked cookies for the culdesaq(i swear sometimes i wonder if he thinks i stare at the wall all day). but i agreed that it would be nice. we have gotten plenty of goods frm them when hektor was born, so now would be a good time to repay them!
so i googled cookie ideas, found some beautiful and tasty cookes to make. we headed out to the grocery store and got all we needed. hektor went down for his nap so sofia and i got started. she was soooo into it. more than i thought she would be. and at first i was super frustrated with her. i wanted to make these beautiful cookies, but she was messing them up. lol. and so i decided to let her. she was so happy to help. the joy that it brought her to help made me realize that i will have plenty of time to make the perfect martha steward cookies. but for now i need to let her help. even if that means the neighbors get cookies that are not exactly christmas trees and are literally rough around the edges.