Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sofia 11 months, Hektor 7 months... a little late.

Well time has flown by! I can't believe this time next month Sofia will be one year old!
Sofia at 11 months:

*She is talking aka babbling, A LOT!

*She is constantly on the move, crawling from one thing to another.

*She can climb up all the stairs in our home and fast. She knows she isn't allowed but she can't help herself. She sits at the bottom and smiles at me and then takes off. We just got gates last night so thats the end of her stair fun.

*She has 2 little teeth, the bottom ones. I know Jeanne said Hansons got teeth later than most but I am so surprised she was right on! Most babies her age have at least 4or more. This is really limiting what she can eat, still everything in puree form.

*She does not like new food. And does not like anything with texture. I'm just being patient on this one. I don't see the need to rush her into the chunky stuff. She eats well and is gaining weight well so I think its fine. I don't think she will want to eat any birthday cake. Maybe I'll give her ice cream instead. Everyone has to have a treat on their birthday!

*She still has a bottle for nap times and bed.

*She likes to dance to music.

*Her hair is getting long, you just can't tell because its curly and it curls up.

*She is currently sleeping well through the night. She naps about 1.5 hrs in the am and again around 4 pm.

* SHe is really independent. She will play for a good while by herself and then come looking for me. Not to worry I keep my eye on her at all times, she just doesn't realize it.

* She has been eating food I make in the food processor. This was a transition because I couldn't get it as smooth as baby food so she had to get used to some texture. PLus I leave the skin on all the veggies so that makes it a bit thicker. Most nutrients are found in the skin of veggies so I thought it was important to leave them on.

* She has had NO vaccinations and shes doing well. She has had one stomach virus, one ear infection, and runny nose and congestion so far. But her immune system is strong and shes doing fine now.

* She is very affectionate. She loves to cuddle with her teddy bear and her baby, and mom and dad of course!

* She says bbbbb when she sees her baby and pppppp when she plays with my make up. The PPPP sound is because I always say oh pretty when we play with make up. LOL

* She enjoys having her hair brushed and watching in the mirror. Its so cute.

* She has had more interaction with little ones her age, and shes developing better social skills. Its not so much that shes shy it seems she just likes to observe for a while, then she will join in.

* She is pretty dramatic. Erik has already said shes too dramatic for him. HAHA! When she doesn't get her way she has this fake cry and she puts her chin down to her chest and pretends to sob. I've noticed its worse when shes tired.

*She has stood alone total of 3 times. I think shes perfectly happy crawling, don't know when she will want to walk.

*She is in 12 month clothes and they seem to fit her perfect for now.

*She wakes up grumpy 50% of the time and 50% of the time she wakes up happy. I just never know. But she does enjoy her sesame street in the mornings while laying on a pillow until shes fully awake.

* Her appetite still comes and goes depending on her teething situation.

As far as Hektor goes, he is getting stronger and bigger. I can def feel his movements...and I can see my clothes move.He is very active. We have a check up on the 19th to monior progress. From here on I will begin check ups every two weeks.
I beleive he is now around 14.5 inches weighing over 2 pounds, the size of chinese cabbage!
As for myself I can tell we are into the third trimester. I'm a lot more tired than usual. I am not sleeping well at night due to discomfort. I have aweful heart burn. I remember heartburn with Sofia but not til the very end and not this bad. I can't even eat mustard! Which is really a bummer for me since I LOVE spicy food. So the countdown is on! As of today I've gained a total of 13 pounds and I think I am expected to gain 10-11 more in this last trimester. So good thing the gym has a daycare.
Erik's doing well. He took his PE exam last Friday, won't know any results until June. But he stays pretty busy with work, work around the house, and all his reading.
Overall we are all very healthy and happy (when we are rested, lol) :)