Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hektor is 4 months :-)

Hektor at 4 months
* starting to interact and be a contributing member of our family!
* loves to watch Sofia jump around, he giggles,its precious!
* still not sleeping through the night. not even close. Im amazed at how I can function with such little sleep
*Actually, he does not sleep much during the day either!
* Started baby gym! He does great. We go about 4-5 times a week.
*Loves his pacifier...another surprise to me.
* loves to be carried.
* it seems like his teething has begun. Theres times when he is super drooly and just naws away at his fist.
* he is smiley like his sister!
* still sleeps with us in our bed. I just dont see the point in putting him in the nursery upstairs. He wakes up wayyyy to often.
* He wears 3-6 months clothes. Some 6 month outfits fit him already. This surprises me because Sofia never was ahead on clothing sizes. Looks like hes going to catch up to her quick!
* still in cloth diapers, he hasnt gotten one diaper rash yet!
takes one solid nap a day. then maybe two more cat naps but hes a very light sleeper and will wake easily.
* He is very talkative all of a sudden! And hes pretty loud!
We love him bunches and it seems like everyday I get more attached, I didnt know that was possible!