Monday, June 4, 2012

Catching up... Sofia 24 months

Playing catch up. Hektor is 11 months.Sofia is two...almost two and one month now. I have really been slacking on the blog thing. So much has changed since I last blogged. Sofia at 24 months... *A little missy. Couple weeks ago she couldnt go anywhere with out her purse. Starting last week she needs her sunglasses(shun-ases, is how she pronounces them). Its so cute to watch her growing into a little girl. *Still skipping naps, yet sleeping 7-7. ALTHOUGH....shes napped sunday, monday, and today! I am thinking its the heat wearing her out. Not sure if this will be a permanent change or if shes just been tired lately? *weighs 24 pounds. *she started her vaccination schedule now. So she will have them all before she starts school at age 5. We are doing a very slow and steady shot schedule. *she loves playing with Hektor, still working on sharing. Probably for the rest of their lives. *she still talks all day long in her own language. There is a lot I understand, but a lot I don't. * Shes been playing pretend with dolls and figurine like toys. Its really cute. * She got a tea set for her birthday and loves having "tea time". I need to get her a little tabel for this. * still not potty ready to try again. I just got sick of the non stop accidents. I dont know if it was her stubborness or if she didnt care. But we would sit on the potty every two minutes and she wouldnt pee, then soon after have an accident. The reward system totally did not work for her. oh well. * she still sleeps in her crib. I wouldnt be in a rush to get her out. She loves it so much and doesnt climb out. But Hektors moving in to the crib soon. * she loves to eat fries, avacado, cherry tomatoes, hummus, chicken, toast, eggs, green beans, and brocli. shes a really healthy eater. Her weakness is fries and chips. Just like her momma! *she loves to have her nails painted! she gets a mani/pedi from me once a week. It takes two minutes. Her little nails are tiny! *shes been trying to wear my shoes. She takes them into the kitchen where there is tile cause she likes the clack clack of the heels. * she likes to dance. *shes so strong. I think shes gonna be an athlete. Not sure what sport but man shes tough! *she loves to be out and about. If we havent gotten out of the house by 3 she starts asking "bye bye?" * she likes to twirl in her church dresses *she loves to pretend to swim in the tub. I wish I could take her swimming, its just impossible to do with two babies by myself. * shes very independent. SHe will wonder off and not even look back. I have to constantly watch her to make sure she doesnt wonder too far. * swings is still the favorite at the park. * she loves to wear hats and headbands. The other day I put on a hat and she said "wheres my hat?" * she loves fish. We went to the aquarium she loved it! She calls them "wish, wish, wish" * shes over her juice craze. Im so glad! Back to milk and water. She got hooked on juice boxes after we went to several birthday parties but shes fogotten about them now. Thank goodness! Shes so sweet. We are so blessed to have her in our family! We all love her more and more each day!