Thursday, June 23, 2011

Waiting Game

So we are 38 weeks 5 days today! My last doctor apopointment went well. She said I still measure right on track, blood pressure, weight, baby's heart rate, etc. all that is good. Last week I was dialated at -4, this week I'm a 2! PROGRESS!!!! When she told me I was a -4 last week I really vamped up the things they say to do to induce labor. I started walking these hills at Eisenhower Park, not sure if it was the walking or Hektor's agenda that bumped me along...maybe both. This week I have been too tired and not walked as much so we will see what she says next week, I go Monday at 2. My doctor said she thinks this is my last weekend with one baby. She said she will know more Monday 6/27, I will be 39 weeks 1 day.

We had a small storm the last two nights and OMGosh I thought I was going to go into labor. They say when the barametric pressure drops due to storms women tend to go into labor. Well I really thought I was going to be one of them. I had so many contractions and a totally sleepless night last night! The storm has passed so we will see if the contractions pass too. I hope so!

Sofia hosted her last playdate for the summer today! We had a great turn out. We are going to miss the mommies and babies for a while, but we will see them soon. I always forget to take pictures:( They are all so cute and unique. I love seeing them interact. She has really gotten better with her socialization skills. She plays with the other babies at the gym too and the care takers have told me shes always very well behaved, she shares, and has a positive disposition towards the others. That makes me happy :D I hope she has these same feelings towards brother!
Tomorrow we have to go out to Canyon Lake for a mandatory company picnic for Erik's work. Call me crazy but I am so excited. I love the sun and water. It will be hot but this pregnant lady is well prepared, I am a true Texan, love this heat!
Will keep you all posted on Hektor's development!