Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hektor's 1st week of life...SOFIA 14 MONTHS!

Hektor is one week old today! He is doing really well. He is a bottomless pit! He is constantly eating! He nurses for 40 minutes, every hour and a yeah, I have very little time to get stuff done.It is insane. Sofia did NOT have this appetite! He is sleeping well, eating, and awake very little. When he is awake he is very very calm.

Sofia at 14 months-

*She is an amazing BIG sister! Honestly, she is so cute around him. She isn't jealous of him at all. Day 2 she shared her sippy cup, Day 3 she put a cereal puff in his mouth. I wish I caught a picture.

* She has 6 teeth, 4 bottom, 2 top

*She wakes once during the night

*She is walking/running everywhere now

*She falls down a lot, but she is used to it

*Shes pretty much off the baby food

*She can get up and down the stairs all alone

*She loves to be outside

*She is very independent

*She is a chatterbox!!! Oh my word! Erik calls her motormouth...LOL

Erik goes back full time this Tuesday. I know he is tired. I hope he makes it through the day!

I'm tired, but this time around I'm not nearly as frustrated with the way things happen. I really couldn't care less if the neighbors pop by and my house smells like we just changed a diaper. I don't think about how tired I am anymore. This first year with Sofia went by sooo fast, that it just makes me appreciate the time I have with them now. Hektor has needs that require all of me and sooner than later he's not gonna want me around so I enjoy it while I can. Whenever I am frustrated I sing in my head...You're gonna miss this by Darius Rucker....You're gonna want this back...LOL. It helps!

Thats all the time I have for now!