Wednesday, July 20, 2011

August 3, 2011

one month has come and gone so quickly. yet some days were so aweful it felt like we were moving in slow motion and the day would never end.not that i sleep at night anyways but...

i think i know what it feels like to be crazy. one second both kids will be screaming bloody murder and i want to laugh/cry/scream/pull my hair out/hide under my bed/run away /and cry some more. then the chaos ends they are both content and happy and i feel normal again. so in less than 5 minutes i have experienced a roller coaster of emotions ranging from great to good to rough to aweful. BREATHE!

my house is a mess most of the time, i don't wash my hair every day, sometimes my teeth don't get brushed til after super, make up is usually never put on, we are pretty much prisoners in our own home because going out is such a chore, and one baby is usually crying, thats my day.

hektor is one month old! he is a sweet baby boy. i don't remember sofia needing to be held and fed so often. he never wants to be put down. he still wants to nurse all day and night. i've read about it and asked other nursing moms. they say its normal and he will grow out of it. and i can't wait. it totally limits me! i am starting to wonder if he has colic or maybe just a sensitive tummy. every day around 3:30 or 4 he starts to cry and nothing calms him down. we swaddle him, rock him, go outside, put him in his swing, give him a pacifier, etc. i bought gripe water and we will be trying that this week. i feel really bad for him since it seems he is in some sort of pain. and at the same time i get so frustrated. im doing everything possible and he doesn't stop crying :( on top of that when he starts to cry sometimes sofia does too. not because anything is wrong just for the attention. but hopefully the gripe water helps my poor angel.

at one month he:

nurses every 2 hours for about 30 minutes

has tons of dirty diapers

sleeps of and on all day

is very alert!

looks like his daddy!

has hair that seems to get more red every day, not an obnoxious red, its a brown red

likes the swing somewhat

loves to be held

loves to be swaddled

does not sleep through the night, wakes every two hours to nurse

goes to bed at 8pm, wakes at 11, again at 130, again at 4, again at 6:30 (estimations)

seems to be awake much more than sofia was

hasn't really adjusted

seems uncomfortable often:(

hope he gets comfy with the outside world soon. he seems like a worry wart! lol
we love having him here with us finally. he is such a sweetie pie!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hektor's 1st week of life...SOFIA 14 MONTHS!

Hektor is one week old today! He is doing really well. He is a bottomless pit! He is constantly eating! He nurses for 40 minutes, every hour and a yeah, I have very little time to get stuff done.It is insane. Sofia did NOT have this appetite! He is sleeping well, eating, and awake very little. When he is awake he is very very calm.

Sofia at 14 months-

*She is an amazing BIG sister! Honestly, she is so cute around him. She isn't jealous of him at all. Day 2 she shared her sippy cup, Day 3 she put a cereal puff in his mouth. I wish I caught a picture.

* She has 6 teeth, 4 bottom, 2 top

*She wakes once during the night

*She is walking/running everywhere now

*She falls down a lot, but she is used to it

*Shes pretty much off the baby food

*She can get up and down the stairs all alone

*She loves to be outside

*She is very independent

*She is a chatterbox!!! Oh my word! Erik calls her motormouth...LOL

Erik goes back full time this Tuesday. I know he is tired. I hope he makes it through the day!

I'm tired, but this time around I'm not nearly as frustrated with the way things happen. I really couldn't care less if the neighbors pop by and my house smells like we just changed a diaper. I don't think about how tired I am anymore. This first year with Sofia went by sooo fast, that it just makes me appreciate the time I have with them now. Hektor has needs that require all of me and sooner than later he's not gonna want me around so I enjoy it while I can. Whenever I am frustrated I sing in my head...You're gonna miss this by Darius Rucker....You're gonna want this back...LOL. It helps!

Thats all the time I have for now!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hektor Isaak Hanson

Out the door...heading to hospital.

hi dad!

first family photo!

hi mom!

chillin' the most... as erik says

headed home...first car seat ride.

Well, here is Hektor's arrival story...

My parents had always planned on coming up July 4th weekend since I was due July 4th and it was a holiday weekend. So Saturday, July 2nd started out like a normal Saturday. We went for a walk in the park, had a girls day out with my mom and sister, got pedicures, went to mass, then Erik decided he and I should go on a date since my parents were here to babysit Sofia. So we get to Texas Roadhouse and get put on the waiting list sit down and BOOM, contraction number 1, then ten minutes later, contraction number 2, we debated on whether to stay or go, but I really wanted a steak so we waited til we were seated. Got a table, ordered, food came, and I couldn't eat I was in too much pain. We took about 3/4ths of our plates home. By the time I got home 8:30 pm my contractions were 7 minutes apart. Called my doctor's office and they said to come in. So we went in and it all began. They admitted me around 10:30 pm, the doctor broke my water at 1 am, got the epidural around 1:30 am, slept, they woke me up at 4:45 am to check my progress and said I was ready to push. So they got the doctor, got the room ready, and two pushes later Hektor was in my arms at 5:02 am. It was a great experience! Everyone said labor would be so different than the 1st time, bit it wasn't for me.

Hektor weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces, 19 inches, dark brown hair,dark eyes.He is so passive and cool.

Sofia has been GREAT! She is really sweet with him, when she notices him. She is going through this independent phase. She wants to walk and talk like a grown up so she distracts herself. LOL. But day 3 she shared her sippy cup with him and day 4 she put a cheerio in his mouth :) She likes animals and for some reason I think she sees him as an animal not really a human. The way she gets when she sees a dog is the same way she gets when she sees him. I'm sure we will have our fill of jealousy and such but for now she has been amazingly sweet. It is my dream that they both know Erik and I love them equally so they have NO reason to be jealous of one another.

Erik has been off since last Thursday, he goes back to work tomorrow. My parents have been in town since last Friday and they leave back home today. THANK GOD my little 12 year old sister will be here for the next week to help me out. I am so greatful to have so much help. I do dread the day my sister goes back home though...