Sunday, June 19, 2011

Proud Mommy Moment

This is her latest

Sofia can read! LOL! Well... let me explain...we bought the Your Baby Can Read program when Sofia was 3 months old. She has been watching the 20 minute videos since then. But I admit, I have not been able to be as into it as I would like. It is very time consuming to do the flash cards and the books every day. Plus with the move I misplaced some of the stuff, I found it now. But she does watch the show and it keeps her attention so its a great babysitter while I wash dishes, clothes, vaccum, etc.

But yesterday she was watching the video and the word "Clap" came on the screen and before "the voice" announced clap, she started clapping. Then the phrase "Arms Up" came on and again before "the voice" announced arms up she put her arms up!

I wanted to post this last night but was afraid it was a coincidence but nope, we watched it again last night and shes also done it again this morning. Same thing, she recognizes "clap" and "arms up". Now I am super motivated to really get with the program :) I've always thought she was smart for her age, but I think all moms think that.

I would like to add for any of you who are thinking of purchasing the program but have held back due to money, its worth it! Sofia has very few toys, none of which we bought her, they have all been gifts.We chose to invest in this program and I am pleased with it so far and would recommend it to others! We are going to buy her the one in Spanish next year before she starts the spanish immersion program :) Curious to see how it all works out!

Will continue to use the program and keep you posted on her progress. Go Sofia!!!!

Also, Sofia is a whole new kid. Shes walking everywhere, eating big people food, and talking non- stop. She will tell you her whole life story if you understand babble and have the time :) Erik teases her and asks "how do you know so much?" :)