Thursday, January 5, 2012

happy new year!!!

we were so blessed to ring in the new year surrounded by family and friends this year! my parents and sister were in town. and eriks parents and the harkin family were in town. we had some friends over as well and it was great party. erik and i made it until midnight! happy 2012:-)

Merry Christmas!

so much has happened since i last blogged.but ill start with christmas. four days before christmas we went to corpus. we were so busy i dont know where the time went. but we had fun, as always!dec 23 my grandma had a party, we went and celebrated with extended family.then we came home dec 24 to celebrate christmas in our home for the first time. we went to mass christmas eve, grabbed some greasy junk food on the way home and watched christmas day we woke up, opened gifts, and ate some more. it was awesome! hektor was clueless. but sofia enjoyed her gifts. she was so calm when she saw her gifts. first she saw the wagon, then the trike, and last the ball pit. shes gotten use out of all three already. hektors gone out in the wagon as well. for some reason they enjoy walks in the wagon over the stroller. erik was a good boy this year and santa brought him a basketball, a track suit, and filled his liquor cabinet. he works so hard he deserves it! i recieved tons of baking materials and a hot pink jog skirt! just what i wanted!we hope everyones christmas was just as amazing!!! Merry Christmas from the Hanson family!