Sunday, March 25, 2012

Time out

I hate giving this cutie time out.but it sure is Working!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sofia 22 months

ok sofia is really almost 2! everymonth it gets closer and closer and i feel like whoa!. i cant imagine how ill feel when she actually turns 2. im more sad about her turning 2 than i was about her turning 1. i think its becuase shes really not a baby anymore.
sofia at 22 months-
she loves to count, to say abcs, popcorn, veggie tales, tomas the train, calliou, to be outside, "Z" (what shes been calling the dog), to sing, chippies (chips), to talk (though its still mostly babble to us), playing with hektor, to dance, being outside, coloring, outside chalk, helping daddy outside, rice, pizza, chipmunks, spirit the stallion, toy story 3, reading books,thats all i can think of.
*not potty trained, but we are not very active about it.
*think shes gettting some more teeth.been with her hand in her mouth.
* wears anywhere from 18 month clothes- 24 month clothes.
* think shes about 24-25 pounds by now. shes got her 2 year old appointment around her bday so ill find out then.
*shes super healthy! shes got a great immune system. i thought she was getting sick last week, but one day later and she was back to normal. and she might have just been going through some teething troubles.i got the flu and she was fine. her and hektor, alleluia!
*when we put her to bed and say i love you..she responds with...i know. Lol!!!
*she runs on her tippy toes, its so cute!
*shes a pretty good eater one day and the next she will only eat popcorn. ugh. as long as shes healthy i guess.
*she loves chicken, and will eat that every night with us. so thats reassuring!
* she started last week with no nap. im not happy about this. i still put her in her room, in her crib.some times she falls asleep, sometimes she stays awake and just talks the whole time. i moved up her quiet time and that seemed to help. im convinced she needs a nap. im going to keep trying.time will tell.
thats sums up miss sofias progress. im only going to do a month by month blog until she is 24 months. so i only have 2 more monthly updates left...time sure has flown. i love my baby girl!

Hektor- 8 months

I hate blogging in a rush, but Im so behind so it will have to do!
Things are getting easier. Thank you GOD! Just when I thought I can't take it anymore things got easier. FEwwwww!
Some new changes:
*Hektor is sleeping a lot better. Morning and afternoon naps are with ease. Night time he is also doing great. In fact he slept through the night last night whoohooo!
*He was having some major trouble with his teething. We bought him one of those teething necklaces made of some benzite stones (i think). and wow what a difference it has made. WOw! Wow! WOW! why did i not have one before?
* he eats anything and everything. ok not everything i know there are certain things he cannot eat, ex: nuts. but hes a really good eater. texture does not phase him.
* he weighs 19.2 pounds, hes a stout little guy. he doesnt look heavy but he is!
*wears size 4 diapers
*wears size 9- 12 month clothing
*he has his first hair cut :) he looks like a man now!
*he still enjoys bath time
*he is soo happy most of the time.
*still needs to be close to me. if not hes fussy.hes sitting right next to me now!
*he laughs and laughs with sofia. he really enoys her company.
* he is not crawling yet
*he likes the bouncer and will jump on occasions.hes more reserved in that jumper than sofia was.
* i am starting to show him the your baby can read program. sofias not watching it as much so i have been slacking and hektors not been exposed as much. starting now!
*still only has 2 bottom teeth
*still has long narrow feet, with long finger toes
* he is doing really well at baby gym! they never call me anymore, unless he or sofia has a poopy diaper.
that about sums up hektor at 8 months. happy, healthy, good eater, and sleeping pretty well these days. love my baby boy!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

65 yr anniversary

without them, my babies would not be here today!

eriks grandparents celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary which was the reason for our trip toouth dakota this past feb! it was a beautiful celebration. something that doesnt happen often. they were so cute. there was a family dinner followed by a dance. we had to leave early cause of the babies but we still enjoyed the time we were able to spend with them. it was great to see a true love story.

a trip to sd, many "firsts"

we had a great time this last trip to south dakota.
* sofias first black eye ( she wasnt used to wearing a big coat and she slipped out of my arms while throwing a fit)
* hektors first hair cut!
* sofias first time in the snow!
* sofia and hektor slept through the night in a new environment!
i think thats about it, but they are milestones worth sharing in my opinion!