Monday, June 27, 2011


AND READY! Just had our doctor appointment for the week, but nada. I'm dialated at a 3, which my doctor thought I would be further along since I was a solid 2 last week. I'm suprised as well and a bit disappointed. But I just have to remind myself its all part of the plan. She mentioned that she does work Sunday and we are supposed to have storms Saturday night so maybe that will put me into labor??? Who knows? But she did also make an appointment for July 5th, she said she could see me going another week. I really doubt that! I am going to start walking again every night like I did two weeks ago, that seemed to help.

I'm really tired of the "oh you poor thing" comments and looks. I really feel fine. People! Feel sorry for me AFTER I have the baby; when I have a husband, a 14 month old, and a newborn to deal with :) I appreciate the concern but really I feel great!

I am having contractions, lots of back pain, so I think we are making slow progress. Slow and steady wins the race. Come on baby!!!!!

I wonder what will happen if I start jumping rope? LOL! My parents are coming up Friday in hopes that it takes place over this holiday weekend so they can help with Sofia and of course meet Hektor.

OHHH and it is OFFICIAL Hektor Isaak Hanson! We hadn't decided on a middle name, but there it is folks!

Love, The Texas Hansons

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Waiting Game

So we are 38 weeks 5 days today! My last doctor apopointment went well. She said I still measure right on track, blood pressure, weight, baby's heart rate, etc. all that is good. Last week I was dialated at -4, this week I'm a 2! PROGRESS!!!! When she told me I was a -4 last week I really vamped up the things they say to do to induce labor. I started walking these hills at Eisenhower Park, not sure if it was the walking or Hektor's agenda that bumped me along...maybe both. This week I have been too tired and not walked as much so we will see what she says next week, I go Monday at 2. My doctor said she thinks this is my last weekend with one baby. She said she will know more Monday 6/27, I will be 39 weeks 1 day.

We had a small storm the last two nights and OMGosh I thought I was going to go into labor. They say when the barametric pressure drops due to storms women tend to go into labor. Well I really thought I was going to be one of them. I had so many contractions and a totally sleepless night last night! The storm has passed so we will see if the contractions pass too. I hope so!

Sofia hosted her last playdate for the summer today! We had a great turn out. We are going to miss the mommies and babies for a while, but we will see them soon. I always forget to take pictures:( They are all so cute and unique. I love seeing them interact. She has really gotten better with her socialization skills. She plays with the other babies at the gym too and the care takers have told me shes always very well behaved, she shares, and has a positive disposition towards the others. That makes me happy :D I hope she has these same feelings towards brother!
Tomorrow we have to go out to Canyon Lake for a mandatory company picnic for Erik's work. Call me crazy but I am so excited. I love the sun and water. It will be hot but this pregnant lady is well prepared, I am a true Texan, love this heat!
Will keep you all posted on Hektor's development!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Proud Mommy Moment

This is her latest

Sofia can read! LOL! Well... let me explain...we bought the Your Baby Can Read program when Sofia was 3 months old. She has been watching the 20 minute videos since then. But I admit, I have not been able to be as into it as I would like. It is very time consuming to do the flash cards and the books every day. Plus with the move I misplaced some of the stuff, I found it now. But she does watch the show and it keeps her attention so its a great babysitter while I wash dishes, clothes, vaccum, etc.

But yesterday she was watching the video and the word "Clap" came on the screen and before "the voice" announced clap, she started clapping. Then the phrase "Arms Up" came on and again before "the voice" announced arms up she put her arms up!

I wanted to post this last night but was afraid it was a coincidence but nope, we watched it again last night and shes also done it again this morning. Same thing, she recognizes "clap" and "arms up". Now I am super motivated to really get with the program :) I've always thought she was smart for her age, but I think all moms think that.

I would like to add for any of you who are thinking of purchasing the program but have held back due to money, its worth it! Sofia has very few toys, none of which we bought her, they have all been gifts.We chose to invest in this program and I am pleased with it so far and would recommend it to others! We are going to buy her the one in Spanish next year before she starts the spanish immersion program :) Curious to see how it all works out!

Will continue to use the program and keep you posted on her progress. Go Sofia!!!!

Also, Sofia is a whole new kid. Shes walking everywhere, eating big people food, and talking non- stop. She will tell you her whole life story if you understand babble and have the time :) Erik teases her and asks "how do you know so much?" :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

38 weeks/ Father's Day

Isn't this the cutest little butt? She has bikini tan lines that crack me up!

How cute are they?

We are at 38 weeks! Which means I have 14 days til my due date. I still feel pretty good, not too uncomfortable, energetic, sleeping pretty well most nights, etc. I am very anxious to meet him though. I try not to let my mind wonder too much, but I just don't know how it is all going to play out. It makes me nervous that we don't have set plans for Sofia, but I know everything will work out the way it is supposed to. I go to the doctor Monday, see what she says this week. Hopefully we have made some progress.

We celebrated fathers day on Saturday. Went for a swim, BBQ'ed some steaks, made twice baked potatoes, home made cookie cake, Erik opened his gifts, put Sofia to bed early and relaxed :) Sunday Sofia and I made him a big breakfast.I'd say Erik had a good weekend!

And Miss Sofia, I just love her more and more every day. She is sooo adorable, sweet, and unique. She has a personality that is blossoming and she is becoming more and more independent every day. I just love her!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Doctor Updates.

These past couple days we have spent our afternoons at the doctor's office. Hektor and I had our 37 week check up on Monday. He is now 37 weeks 3 days. Doctor still says nothing, he's still high and I'm not at all dialated. She thinks I'll go til my due date :) FIREWORKS for July 4th!

Sofia had her 12 month check up (yes a month late). Our pediatrician is ALWAYS booked. We might as well see a military doctor...and I am looking into switching, no co pay and free prescriptions? YES PLEASE! I just like the fact that our doctor doesn't push the vaccination thing. Sofia weighs 19 pounds 13 ounces and is 29 inches long. She got her first vaccination, for Polio. I thought she was going to freak out because she is a bit dramatic at times, but she did great! I'm so proud of her. I hear other kids freaking out and she just let out one loud yell and then she was done.
Will keep everyone posted on Hektor's progress.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sofia 13 months/ Hektor 9 months

peek a boo!

she thinks it's so funny! :)

she gets confused with peek a boo and putting things on her head, lol.

but its still funny to her.

love those big round brown eyes!

Sofia at 13 months:
She is so different than at 12 months, what a difference 4 weeks makes!
She is constantly talking, I mean constantly!Sometimes its hard to hear over her.
She is always on the move, crawling or walking.
She is walking, only when she wants to. I think she still faster when she crawls and she knows it, so she'd rather crawl.
She likes peek a boo.

AND she wears shoes now! We have one pair that she likes, I need to get more of the same brand and style, they are pedipeds. So they are kinda pricey, but shes worth every penny. Looks like mama won't be getting new shoes for now. LOL
She is eating a whole lot more now. She has at least 3-4 meals. Still with baby food.
But she does eat some fruits and veggies. And crackers.

She has 6 teeth. 4 on the bottom 2 on top.
She had her first Reeces 6/7/11. She LOVED it. Texture sure didn't bother her with that food.
She sat through a whole movie, HOP. It was half animation, half real people. There was tons of music so I think that's why she liked it.We are going to go again next week,see how she does.
She loves the lap tops, cell phones, and remotes.
She sleeps alone in her pack and play and still wakes up for her bottle, sometimes she falls back to sleep with out us giving her a bottle, just depends.
She has taken a real interest in my belly. She likes to look at it and touch it.
She has had one serious temper tantrum... preview of the terrible twos I think.
We still go to the gym every morning and I can tell she truly enjoys going. It's going to be different at first when Hektor arrives becuase she is so used to our routine. Couple times we have stayed home and she was so irritable.
We are thinking about potty training as soon as possible, once she is more steady on her feet.
She is such a happy little angel. I really think she is going to make a great big sister.

As for Hektor I am 36 weeks and 5 days. And sooo ready. My back is killing me. I am limited on what fits these days so I do laundry every other day. I don't want to buy anything new because whats the point now? But my doctor said this past Monday she thinks I will go all the way to my due date,sooo not what I wanted to hear. She said he is head down and ready but I am not at all dialated and he has not dropped at all! So I still have about 22 days until my due date.Needless to say I have been going on long walks now, still going to the gym but walking also to try and speed this along.

At my June 27th appointment we will decide what we will do if he does not come on his own by the following Monday... July 4th. My doctor doesn't like to induce before 41 weeks unless she thinks there is a problem. So I am going to start mentally preparing to go until July 10th. ahhhh that just sounds soooo far away! LOL.

As for Erik, he is building the crib... STILL! He did just pass his PE exam so we are very excited about that. He studied very hard. He is a busy man, always up to something.

Well thats all for now!
Love, The Hansons!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

35 weeks 4 days!

So here we are again! A little over a year ago, we were counting down until Sofia. Hektor's got about 33 days until his expected arrival. I am so anxious. But at the same time I am enjoying just Sofia and I because I know things are fixing to change and it might be hard. I expect Sofia and I will have several melt downs before things feel normal again. But you have to roll with the punches right?
So I go to the doctor every Monday until he arrives. We went last Monday (5/30/11) and she said everything was perfect. My belly measures perfect,his heart beat is perfect, my blood pressure is great, and my weight is healthy (total weight gain 16 pounds, whoohoo I've worked really hard this pregnancy!).Hektor weighs about 5.5 pounds right now. Sofia and I continue our daily lives, she has noooo idea how things are fixing to change.
Erik is working on the nursery, building the crib, and organizing closets. We are painting the nursery next week and will be putting up baby farm animal wall paper and decal. Its going to look so cute once it is complete. I just have very little energy to help these days so its hard cause it puts all the work on him. But we will get there.
We will keep you all posted on Hektor's growth and development.