Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby Food!

So since 2009 Erik and I have been pretty committed to organic foods and products. ABout 85% of our food and household goods are organic. So when we had Sofia we decided we would do the same for her. It all sounds great except that her stuff is super expensive, and now that she's really eating three meals a day it's super costly. Which means less shopping for clothes :(
We asked for a food procesor for Christmas and we got one! But it has literally been in the back burner of the kitchen stove all this time.
Now that we are in a house and my kitchen has room I decided to try out our food processor. What a success! One sweet potatoe which cost 40 cents made baby food equivalent to $3.48. I am so excited. Sofia and I will be shopping the sales in no time with all the money we are saving!LOL
But I really recommend anyone who has someone eating baby food. It was really simple, fairly quick, and you know exactly what your baby is eating (no added susbstances). The whole process took me an hour,including cooking the veggies, processing them, and the clean up. I made green beans and sweet potatoes to last one week. Any who, just food for thought! ;)