Monday, November 28, 2011

giving thanks

thanksgiving is now with out a doubt my new favorite holiday. good food, family, and a day of thanks. i have so much to be thankful for this year its hard to start (not to mention i didnt sleep much last night so my brain isnt at its best ability. hektors teething now so hes not sleeping well at night, but thats a whole other post!)
topping the list this year is the gift of motherhood. sofia and hektor bring so much joy not just to me but our entire family, and sometimes even strangers at the grocery store. they are so happy and smiley its so easy to smile with them!
a close second is the health of my babies! The worst has been just a cold. but even that was so hard for me to see. i dont know how others deal with really sick children.
i am beyond thankful for my husband! Hes a great dad, husband, provider, and friend. he works really hard so that i stay home with our babies. which leads me to my next thing which i am greatful for, being able to stay at home with sofia and hektor. i cant imagine missing this. its work, lots of work. im tired, reallly tired. but i wouldnt have it any other way! Im thankful for the home we are settling into now. it really feels like home!we have lots of work to do to get it the way we want, but with time and patience it will all come together. i am thankful for my family,my mom, dad, and sister.even though they are two hours away i know we can count on them.not just my immediate family but also my extended family... we are all so blessed with happiness and good health. i am thankful for my in laws. eriks immediate and extended family are all so great. they are very different from my family but still have some of the same qualities. everytime i go back to south dakota i learn something new and expand my horizons. i couldnt have found a more genuine family! i could go on forever about all i am thankful this year, but i think i covered the main ones. pluschektors starting to fuss...gotta love it!