Monday, October 10, 2011

Sofia is 17 months!

My little angel is 17 months today! Hooray!!! And yes things have gotten easier, just not as easy as I would like, lol! But we are doing well. Adjusting as you could say... But I could not be any happier :)

Sofia at 17 months

* very independent, plays well alone in her room for about an hour and half, then she comes and checks in :)

*still babbling and rambling on and on about nothin'

*says hi, baby, cat, squirrel, momma (only when shes tired), night night, hot, shhhh, dog, several other small words that I can't think of off the top of my head.

*knows when she is ready for bed (7:30) and says night night

* is OFF the bottle

*not yet potty trained but says poop when she comes looking for me to change her

*loves to kiss baby brother

* still calls every animal cat (except dogs, for that she says pup pup)

*sleeps through the night

* wears 12- 18 month clothing, size 4 diapers

*weighs 22 pounds

* has 11 teeth

* we go to play dates but still doesn't seem to socialize with others that often, shes kind of a loner right now

*she has this pink turtle that she goes to bed with, it is so sweet

* she goes to sleep smiling

* we tell her go, go, go ,go and she runs in place. i really need to record that! it is hillarious!

* she loves itsy bitsy spider song, if you are happy and you know it, and twinkle twinkle

* LOVES to be outside and get dirty

* has expanded her pallete and eats many different things now, its wonderful!

*sometimes we regress and drink the baby's bottle when theres one laying around :/

*she loves to play ball

* she loves feeding herself.although it takes FORRREVVVERRRR!

* she says mmmm, mmmm, mmmm when she sees food on TV

* she says woooo, wooo, woooo when she sees flashy commercials (ex: j.los most recent commercial for clothes at kohls) is she my daughter or what!?

She is truly an angel and a very special girl. I couldn't love her any more!

Monday, October 3, 2011

3 months:-)

we made it! Lol. This was a mile stone for me because we can begin going to the gym again! Whohooo....two whole hours to myself and the kids in baby gym. Now the time has come and Im hesitant to go. Why you ask? Well, Hektor cries a lot! Im afraid that they will come get me and not watch him. Also, it is such a production to get out of the house with these two that Im afraid that by the time we get to the gym I will be too exhausted to work out! We will get back into the swing of things soon.

At three months Hektor

weighed 11 pounds at his 2 month check up, thinking hes about 13 now. He is getting heavy.

eats every two hours!

the colic is gone. Though he is still more fussy than Sofia ever was,but hes gotten much better. Every week he makes progress

is 100% in cloth diapers

still looks like daddy

smiles at Sofia. he can not wait to join her in all her activity. he loves to watch her. sunday she was jumping on the bed and he was giggling just watching her. cutest thing EVER!!!

hes transitioned into goat milk. i still nurse about 85% of the time, but when he gets a bottle its goat milk. been very good on his tummy so far.

he went to his first play date today!

loves to be outside

he likes to have his way. he is very determined. if he wants you to pick him up he will make a big stink about it until you do.

he gets cute every single day. i couldnt ask for anything more :)

we love this addition to our family!