Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Keeping ME in line

We are very routine around here, just ask my mom. I think it freaks her out a!. We wake up 6:30 am, put fresh diapers on the babies,eat breakfast, say good bye to daddy, put on play clothes, load up the babies in the stroller, head out for a jog, come home, bathe babies, put on clean clothes, put them down for morning nap, have lunch, play all afternoon, go down for second nap around 445, wake up when daddy gets home 5:45, eat dinner, play some more, go to bed by 7:30-8 at the latest.( This is mostly Sofia's routine. Hektor is still kind of different every day. )

Well today I was really tired. Hektor woke up early today 5:05 am. And Sofia woke up soon after cause she could hear him. So I thought no biggie we will wake up, skip morning jog, take it easy, and MAYBE take a nap, hopefully they are asleep at the same time. Well at 830 Sofia is putting on her shoes. I thought "oh shes so cute". Then a little while after shes standing at the side door ready to go (she never got her shoes on though). Eventually shes at the door banging and yelling, she really wanted to go out. So I thought okkkkk, we will go for a short walk. So I strap them in the stroller, pack up their bottles. We start walking, we get to the corner and Sofia starts fussing and she kept turning around looking at me. So I thought to myself she wants me to jog. So I started to pick up the pace and jog and sure enough she was fine. So now shes the one keeping me on schedule.

Here they are this morning after our jog...happy campers!