Tuesday, January 24, 2012

i love sofia.....

i seriously looove sofia. Shes not perfect, she has her "bad moments". But still I cant help it, shes just so very special. I love how she wakes up in the morning in a good mood. I love how she says "hiiii" as erik brings her down stairs in the morning. I love her fat little feet. I love how she wiggles her toes when i take off her shoes. I love how she says Hektor- "heto". I love her language. Even though i never really know what shes sayin. I love that she babbles all the time. I love her diligence. I love that when she wants something, she goes for it, all out, with her head down. I love to hear her sing along to veggie tales and tomas the train, even though she doesnt know all the words. I love her dare devil attitude. I love that she falls all day long, and rarely cries. I love how shes become protective of hektor. I love to hear her boss the dog. I love how she colors with such tenacity. I love that she loves to eat!i love when we tell her i love you she says...i know.
Sometimes I feel these moments are passing too fast. Im trying to find a spot in my brain to just remember her exactly how she is at this moment in time. Its so very precious. I dont know where the past 21 months have gone. But i do know ive never in my life been so happy.