Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hektor 9 & 10 months

me and grandpa. see my 4 teeth!
first time in a moon jump at my sisters party
i know i can crawl, but i want to be carried everywhere still!
me and my dad! I have been slacking! I have been busy and when I have had free time I have important stuff to do, like laundry and dishes. Life would be so great without laundry, dishes, and sweeping/mopping. Hektor @ 9-10 months * time has really snuck up on me * he is crawling *he has 4 teeth * he pulls up to his knees not all the way to his feet yet * he eats everything * he talks/babbbles a lot * loves being with sofia. in fact they told me at the gym that he wouldnt settle down until they put him with sofia. made me happy to know they like being with one another. * they are starting to have little quarrels over toys, snacks,sippy cups, the usual baby stuff * he weighs 22 pounds and is 27 inches long. doctor says he is perfectly porportioned weight and length. i agree he is perfect :) * he is a really good eater, as long as teeth are not bothering him * wearing size 4 diapers * sleeps til 330 am, then is ready for a bottle. then sleeps til 630- 7. if i dont give him a bottle at 330 he is up for the day at 530am. so i dont mind giving him a bottle at 330am...AT ALL! *i think hes getting more teeth in. he (we) didnt sleep much last night. he even let me rock him three different times at night. i dont mind, especially since he is growing so fast. * he is so strong. he pulls my hair super hard! * he tackeld sofia for the first time today.lol! she had a snack and wouldnt share and he just buldozed right over her. haha. in the end neither one got the snack cause it got crushed in the tackle. looks like our dog will be the one to enjoy the remains of the snack :( all in all hes happy, healthy, and a great eater!love my little man!