Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sweet Sofia

so i am probably the worst blogger ever!!!! i forgot i even started a blog :(
so here we are, sofias almost 5 months. time has really flown by.i love her more and more everyday.so lets play catch up...
Sofia today:
*she's def teething, my poor baby is drooly and a bit cranky at times.
*she loves to smile, every where we go people comment on how happy she is.
*she's eating cereal, and she loves it! she says ummmm with every bite and she dives for the spoon(good thing the spoons are rubber).
*she wakes up twice at night to eat...hungry hungry hippo :)
*she loves her bumbo and so do i!
*shes trying to roll over, though we dont have her on her back or tummy much mostly in the bumbo.
*she loves to babble, i think she loves the sound of her own voice.
*she sneaks into our bed at night ;)
*we go to play group every other monday. everyone loves her there!
*we go to story time every tuesday at the library. its so cute because shes the youngest one there. she just sits in her bumbo and watches all the others interact.
*she has found her feet and bites them pretty hard.
*she has a good grip.
*she is learning chinese through a program at the library. nihao. wo jio hanson tai tai means hello. call me mrs. hanson, haha im learning too!
* we are starting the your baby can read program, hope it works, its very time consuming!
*she loves to be read to.
everyday shes changing and growing.it is so amazing. she is just a living doll.

erik is super busy with work and getting his business started.
i am super busy with sofia and school. i cant wait to finish my program.
this weekend we are going to a pumpkin patch. will post pics. cant wait to put her in her halloween costume!