Monday, January 24, 2011


Sofia is most certainly crawling. She began officially yesterday. She has been struggling with it for weeks now. But she is off, it is official. She had began "rocking" about 4 weeks ago but just didn't really get going anywhere. She found a way to scoot around places especially to get to things like my lap top or cell phone,but it wasn't really a crawl until yesterday. She would get in plank position and stay there for a while,then do mountain climbers LOL sometimes she would even push so hard with her hands she would slide backwards,poor baby made it so much harder on herself. I am waiting to see what she does today. Thinking it make take her some time to warm up and remember, but I am sure she will get really good and fast.

Baby number 2 is coming right along. We find out the sex on February 16th, not sure if we are going to tell everyone but probably.We have names picked out for a boy and two for a girl. I feel fine, still pretty energetic. Looking forward to Feb. 16th!