Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hektor 6 months

At 6 months...
Biggest news, sleep training! Aka cry it out. Night tnree tonite. The problem is he wakes up in the middle of the night wanting to be soothed. Hes not hungry, not hot or cold, just needy and hasnt figured out how to self sooth. Our pediatrician said it was time. I was going to do it anyways, cause i really need to sleep! So it was reassuring to hear it frm his dr. The first night was horrible. He cried for two and a half hours off and on. Yes, i know that seems like forever and im sure some of you moms will think its cruel, but you cant judge others cause u never know what youll do when in certain situations. And in this situation i am desperate for sleep! So night two he woke up twice1 and 3 am. He fussed for 10 min the first time and 7 the second. We will see how night three goes!
*he eats a lot! Everyone talks about how girls are expensive cause of all the clothes. Well he is gonna be expensive to feed!
*he sweats a lot. Therefore, stinks a lot. So he takes more baths than Sofia. Lol.
*eats carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, pears, and cereal. His favorite is sweet potatoes.
* he is 17 pounds, 26 inches.
*still hasnt had diaper rashes the way sofia would get them. Not sure if its a boy thing, or because of the cloth diapering, if hes still too young, or what.
*no teeth yet.come to think of it i think the diaper rashes began when the teething started. So ill keep a look out for that.
*lovesssss mum mums. Sofia never did, so this was a shock to me.
*wears 9 month clothing
* mommas boy, and i love it, for now at least. It does have some cons. For example, when im exhaustedand erik wants to take him but he still wants me. :(
*he talks a lot too. Need to record it asap.
*still doesnt like being left in bumbo or bouncer much. He loves arms.
*he rolls over
*not sitting up yet. He never lets me put him down, so he doesnt get much practice time!
Hes the cutest. Happy half birthday Hektor. Already thinking of possible birthday themes for him... Awww! Love love love him to pieces!

Sofia 20 months

Sofia is 20 months, almost two!
At 20 months she is
* not potty trained :/
*a great eater! She does go through phases, but today she ate everything. Kinda dreading the diaper change tomorrow. Ha! Tmi?
*weighs 22 lbs. Baby brothers catching up quick!
* wears size 4 diapers, they actually share diapers, pretty nice!
*wears 18 month and up clothes. My little shorty:)
*talks all the time. Though not real words. But she goes on and on about everything.
*totally into veggie tales now. Thank u grandma hanson! We havent watched chipmunks or spirit in over a week now. I like veggie tales too. Good lessons to live by, nice reminders of making good decisions!
*all her shoes are snug now, will be ordering new ones soon.
*learning to share with others and getting really good about sharing with hektor. Its alot of work for me to be on her all the time, but i want her to learn early on. Sharing is not a natural instinct so i stay on her about it. Im really pleased with her sharing skills.
* she is a great big sis! For example, today i was coming down the stairs and saw this: hektor in his bumbo, dropped his teething biscuit and fussed and she picked it up and gave it to him:)how sweet! My heart smiled.
*shes blessed with good health. Still hasnt gotten really sick yet. KNOCK ON WOOD!
*she loves clothes!
*shes soso about bath time, not sure what prompted this change. She was loving it last month.
*she hates diaper changes
*continues gaining independence
*loves scuzzi, though now shes calling it papuzzi
*seems to be sayibg more little phrases.
*says he-tor instead of baby now. Which totally makes since. Hes growing up!
Oooo shes still oodles of fun. A total blessing!