Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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Sofia 19 months

my little missy 19 months already! Shes so stinkin cute, its hard to get mad at her:/
*shes sleeping through the night, in her room
*eating everything except hamburger meat, not sure i blame her on that one!
* very helpful with brother
*not potty trained, my new years resolution!:)
*talking more, if that was possible, putting words together. example, baby crying or bye, gotta go!
* favorite movies spirit and chipmunks. shes now trying to ride hektor when he does tummy time. she thinks hes like the horse frm spirit. she tries riding the dog too but she runs way frm her.
*she has renamed the dog, frm lucy to scuzzi to papuzzi. lol
* shes a little mommy in the making. she carries around her bears the way i carry hektor.
*weighs about 22 pounds
* she loves to sing! its so sweet to hear her voice.
*into elmo, we are going to see sesame street live with some friends and i cant wait to see her face!
*shes loving all the christmas lights!she says preeeeeety. we go for a walk around 545 so all the lights are on and she loves it!
*she calls santa just ta. im not sure why?
*and from now on i think i need to buy two of everything (when possible). whatever hektor has she wants and whatever sofia has he wants. i didnt think it would happen so soon! this morning she had a rubberband for my hair and he wanted it, really???? and of course since he wanted it she was ten times more into it. a flippin rubberband!?!?
* she loves to color and read
*most of all she loves to be outside, exploring.
*shes not afraid to venture out alone which of course worries me!
*she loves my phone but gets stage fright when she calls anyone.
*she blws kisses now and says muah!!!
* she loves to help me in the kitchen. i let her once and now she wants to help every day when we make dinner.
* favorite snack, popcorn!
shes my sweetie pie! Love her soooo much. its so fun watching her grow!