Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pics of New House

FYI this house will be work in progress for sometime. The house is a great house, in great condition but the elderly couple living in it had everything plain white. The appliances are new but things like cabinets and counter tops are not. It was a very well taken care of home so nothing NEEDS replacing but in order to be a bit more modern I would like to replace some things. But I think Erik and I will have fun along the way with various home projects.
I'll add more pics as we complete rooms. My next project is the nursery. I will be painting it a pale yellow and we are using baby farm animals as the theme. I went with something gender neutral since Sofia and Hektor will be sharing the nursery so I can get them on the same sleep schedule. The next room will be the play room, decorated with Sesame Street or Dr. Suess I can't decide.
So basically the pics are of the downstairs, the 4 bedrooms upstairs are plain white and I didn't see any point in photographing them.Ialso didn't photograph the formal dining since it is currently empty.
Oh!Our master bedroom is downstairs but plain also. I can't decide what I want. Erik and I aren't are the same page either so we will see how it turns out. He wants brown blinds on the windows! Almost gave me a heart attack, absolutely not!
We are getting our kitchen and dining room tables this weekend, I am overly excited about that.Eating on TV trays gets old, quick!

Mom and Claudia hanging wall paper in formal dinning

Claudia painting the kitchen

Sofia supervising from her desk

Mom Painting

Dad Painting

more painting...ok this picture was staged, but I really did help.

family behind it, where the stripes are is where our kitchen table will go.

family room, view from kitchen

view from upstairs

Formal living

Guest restroom

First Dip of the Season

Sofia had her first taste of the swimming pool this past weekend! I didn't let her get in all the way because she has had some ear problems recently. She got in waist up and she loved it! I can't wait for her to start swim lessons!