Tuesday, November 29, 2011


erik had been on and on about wanting a mastif mix. i though he was just talking and thinking about it. well then the day before thanksgiving(as if i wasnt busy enough) he asks if i want to go look at puppies. as you can see from the pics above we got one.
lucky for erik shes a good dog, or hed be sleeping in the laundry room with her! Sofia really loves her already! Its cute to see them play. i have a feeling shes going to make a great family dog. we just have to get past this puppy training stage!

here and there

ive got time so ill add some pics of whats been going on in our house. some may need explaining but i dont have that much time!

more thanksgiving pics

thanksgiving day 2011

i forgot to mention one more thing im greatful for! My mom coming up here last week! Erik and i got to go on a date, i had constamt help frm mom and sister, and she totally rocked at making the turkey....and the other sides of course. thanksgiving meal wouldnt have been the same with out her here. one con is that i am still working off the food we ate and i have a dress to fit into this saturday for a wedding. erik and i are eating half meals all this week. so far so good. but its only tuesday, hahaha!
so erik and i hosted our first thanksgiving in our home. we had a full house. it was wonderful. once again i was too busy with te babies and other stuff to get all the pictures i would have liked. but here are a few!