Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sofia's 15 months old!

Sofia Sofia Sofia. I think she still feels like the spotlight is on her around here. She hardly notices the baby unless he is crying. She does still have the spotlight somewhat since she has so much personality. It is just very different attention than what Hektor gets.

At 15 moths Sofia...

*is a GREAT big sister. she brings me his bottle and paci when he cries and sometimes tries to stick it in his mouth and or nose. she rocks him when hes in the car seat (sometimes too rough). She pushes him in his swing. she is very sweet!

*has 8 teeth. 5 on bottom 3 on top. shes getting the 4th on top but hasn't cut yet.

*she is back to eating mushy baby food. im not sure if her gums are super sensitive but we are still on puree stuff 80 % of the time. every once and a while i can get her to eat some solids in tiny pieces. she went through a period of time when she was only drinking bottles she was in so much pain. we had a few secret trips to mcdonalds to get her some fries...don't tell daddy!

* is in the phase were she takes off her diaper. im not sure if its a sign shes ready to train. we got her a potty but right now i don't have time to actually train her.

*she loves remotes and cell phones

*hasn't had a play date in a while but she does get to go to baby gym with me about 3 days a week so thats play time for her.

*she talks a lot. she says lots of words now, and can repeat most things too. she says cat, cute,ball, momma, squirrel, bath, baby, belly button on a daily basis.

* she only takes one nap a day now, which is a bummer for me but shes getting older now.


*she runs now..kinda, she is very uncoordinated...she got her first shiner this morning. she was trying to bring her walker downstairs and tumbled all the way down with it. but she was still holding onto it when she got to the bottom. shes tough and strong!

*she smiles all the time, and her eyes dance!

all in all she is happy and healthy and that makes me happy!