Wednesday, July 20, 2011

August 3, 2011

one month has come and gone so quickly. yet some days were so aweful it felt like we were moving in slow motion and the day would never end.not that i sleep at night anyways but...

i think i know what it feels like to be crazy. one second both kids will be screaming bloody murder and i want to laugh/cry/scream/pull my hair out/hide under my bed/run away /and cry some more. then the chaos ends they are both content and happy and i feel normal again. so in less than 5 minutes i have experienced a roller coaster of emotions ranging from great to good to rough to aweful. BREATHE!

my house is a mess most of the time, i don't wash my hair every day, sometimes my teeth don't get brushed til after super, make up is usually never put on, we are pretty much prisoners in our own home because going out is such a chore, and one baby is usually crying, thats my day.

hektor is one month old! he is a sweet baby boy. i don't remember sofia needing to be held and fed so often. he never wants to be put down. he still wants to nurse all day and night. i've read about it and asked other nursing moms. they say its normal and he will grow out of it. and i can't wait. it totally limits me! i am starting to wonder if he has colic or maybe just a sensitive tummy. every day around 3:30 or 4 he starts to cry and nothing calms him down. we swaddle him, rock him, go outside, put him in his swing, give him a pacifier, etc. i bought gripe water and we will be trying that this week. i feel really bad for him since it seems he is in some sort of pain. and at the same time i get so frustrated. im doing everything possible and he doesn't stop crying :( on top of that when he starts to cry sometimes sofia does too. not because anything is wrong just for the attention. but hopefully the gripe water helps my poor angel.

at one month he:

nurses every 2 hours for about 30 minutes

has tons of dirty diapers

sleeps of and on all day

is very alert!

looks like his daddy!

has hair that seems to get more red every day, not an obnoxious red, its a brown red

likes the swing somewhat

loves to be held

loves to be swaddled

does not sleep through the night, wakes every two hours to nurse

goes to bed at 8pm, wakes at 11, again at 130, again at 4, again at 6:30 (estimations)

seems to be awake much more than sofia was

hasn't really adjusted

seems uncomfortable often:(

hope he gets comfy with the outside world soon. he seems like a worry wart! lol
we love having him here with us finally. he is such a sweetie pie!