Thursday, March 3, 2011

Empty Nest

Well Sofia turning one so quickly lead me to start wondering if this was a sign of how fast these next 18 years will go. So I started a list of things I want to do for me once all my kids are gone. I think staying busy will help me fight any kind of depression or sadness I may feel when the time comes that they are all gone. Or maybe I won't feel any sadness when they leave?!!!? LOL... Too soon to really tell, I know. But either way here is a list of things I have wanted to do but not been given the chance yet...
1. Learn to kite surf
2. Join the Peace Corps
3. Move to China and teach English, and learn Chinese
4. Open my own bakery
5. Make my own wine
6. Open my own restaurant
7. Learn to make stained glass
8. Finish all my scrap books
9. Make my own dresses ( i have found some really cute patterns and fabrics)
10. complete a marathon
11. Learn to garden/ landscape
12. Go bungee jumping
13. Go white water rafting
14. and of course travel, travel, travel....
I guess basically this is my "bucket list".