Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Yes, San Antonio, TX got a snow day! It was too cold for us most of last week. Sofia and I were inside Tuesday through Friday. Friday we finally got out and about.
It was a crazy week. I got the stomach flu, so Erik stayed home with Sofia and nursed me back to good health, then he got the day off due to road closures, then Sofia got the stomach flu... ugh! But some how between all the madness we managed to get some crafting done. Sofia and I completed her baby book (up to 8 months, pictures and all!), we made Valentines, we painted our toesies,and of course watched movies :)It ended up being a pretty fun week! Sofia is a great helper!
Erik of course was not impressed with our half inch of snow (neither was Sofia, haha)and I don't blame him. He was going to go to work even though they didn't have to but, he had no way of getting there due to road closures! I know it sounds silly and a bit extreme but us Texans don't know how to act, or drive with ice and snow on the road. In fact, one report said for 70 percent of drivers in San Antonio, this would be the first time to even SEE snow.So, for safety purposes, it was a good decision. And we had fun with Daddy home for a couple days :)