Saturday, December 4, 2010


I don't blog often enough so when I do I have so much to catch readers up on!
* Sofia is 6 months (almost 7, Dec 10th!)
* We just got home from a long 11 day vacation in South Dakota... we spent Thanksgiving there. It was so fun!We got to catch up with lots of Eriks family and my parents and lil sis went too.
* Erik started a new job Dec 1. So far so good!
* I am almost done with finals then I have 2 classes left and I'm done with the course work for my MS in JP. FINALLY!
* WE ARE EXPECTING baby #2 due July 4th 2011! SURPRISE!
* Sofia is now eating 3 meals a day and some bottle in between. She really just uses them to fall asleep.
* Sofia eats sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, and some banana. She really doesn't care for the banana. This surprised me I thought all babies liked banana.
* She still eats some cereal also.
* She still goes to baby gym, and I think we found a babysitter. She works there and she loves Sofia! And Sofia really likes her. So Erik and I may be able to get out here and there. I would love to go to a movie.
* Sofia still says MMMMMMMM with every bite. It is so cute.
* She is so very social. She loves to smile at people. Shes so smiley! Erik says if we were Native Americans we would name her " One who smiles a lot". LOL!
* She still loves the camera, and loves to have her picture taken.
* She has a bouncer and that entertains her for a good while. I love watching her chubby legs bounce around in that thing.
* She is now moving to level 3 on your baby can read. She really pays attention to it. I know she isn't actually reading yet, but she's def learning with the videos and the flash cards we do.
*21 days til Christmas! I'm so anxious to take her picture with Santa! I don't know if she will cry or not. We will find out this week.
Well thats it for now!
Hugs and Kisses!