Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sofia is 8 months old!

1/10/2011! Sofia is 8 months old today!
She's such a big girl with a big personality! We are in Louisiana for Erik's reservist duty until Friday the 14th. We have been here since 12/31/10, rang in the new year with some friends here.Sofia lasted until 1:30 am, I on the other hand was ready for bed at 9. But I made it til 12, then Erik took over, and they partied,jk!

It's been a great trip. We have been able to hang out with some friends of ours and our daughters get along really well. Its been fun! I love doing these trips because the officers quarters we stay in has sooo many tv channels AND there is a cleaning service (not including dish washing...darn!lol).

At 8 months Sofia is:
*Eating three full meals a day,which is getting expensive! So I am excited to try our food processor that my parents got us for Christmas when we return to SA.
* She has about 3-4 bottles per day, mostly just for nap time and bedtime.
* She goes to bed around 8:30 pm every night.She wakes up 7-7:30 ish.
* She sleeps through the night wakes about 2-3 times for bottle. Then falls back to bed and sleeps some more.
* She can finally hold her own bottle, though she does NOT like to. I think this took her a while since we use glass bottles and they are somewhat heavy.
* She is not crawling yet. She wants to but gets frustrated very easily!!! She started to show signs that she was ready to crawl about 2 weeks ago but now she has regressed some. lol. I think she's fallen a few times and now she's scared to hurt her little self! Such a girl.
* She still loves to bounce in her boucer. I love watching her.
* She loves to play with my cell phone. Silly girl!
* She loves to play in mommy's makeup. Again, what a girl!
*She claps her hands.
*She says dada and nana.
*We are still doing the Your Baby Can Read program. She enjoys it.
*Her favorite song is the Itsy Bitsy Spider, she likes the part where it says "washed the spider out".
*She can wave bye bye.She does not do it everytime but we are getting there. It is still a little uncoordinated and sloppy but shes getting it.
*She has interacted with a few different kids and I am pleased with her behavior.She is very passive and is willing to share.I think she will make a good big sister. I am expecting a little jealousy at first but she will be so young, I think she will learn quickly.
*Shes still so little wearing 6 month clothes, she has 9 month stuff but she drowns in it. Some 6 month stuff is getting snug. Shes pretty much between sizes.
*Last doctor appointment she measured in the 20th percentile. Shes a wittle one! Erik still says shes going to catch up and be tall.I am not so sure. As long as she remains healthy I am happy.
*she has learned to make this growling noise, which totally cracks me up!
*she has 0 teeth!
* She does not wear shoes. This makes me sad. I love babies in shoes!
*She is very social. She's very smiley still. It is so precious!
*She loves to be out and about. She sits in the grocery carts like a big girl and kicks her little legs while we go down the isles.Shes a great shopping partner! WAYYYY better than Erik.:)

Well baby number 2 is well on its way. I'm 16 weeks this Saturday. So 4 months down, 5 to go! I can not wait to find out the sex of the baby! I just want a healthy baby. Sex is not a big deal. Either way will be so cute!

Erik is still enjoying his new job, working on growing his own business, and being dad :) He's doing a wonderful job!

We are in the process of house hunting. I don't know how people did that without the internet? I would hate to have to drive around all day looking for homes...can't imagine that! Looking to be in our first home this spring at the latest this summer, since our condo will be paid off come March! Very exciting time for Erik and I, that is if we can agree on something... LOL! All our saving and "frugalness" is finally paying off. We are so blessed!

Happy New Year to all! BESOS! CIAO for now!