Thursday, May 26, 2011

34 Weeks

This pregancy I feel like I haven't gone to the doctor nearly as much as I did with Sofia. Which is a good thing! All my check ups he measures right on time and his heart is nice and strong! Here's a pic of us from his baby sprinkle this past Sunday.At my last doctor visit I had gained 13 pounds, but this past week we were in South Dakota and my diet and exercise plan went out the front door so I am sure I have gained more by now, which is to be expected. We go to the doctor again next Tuesday and I am anxious to see what she says. Hopefully my body is getting ready!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to Sofia!!!

My baby girl is one year old today!She is so loved. Erik and I had a party for her here in San Antonio with all her kid friends, pizza, cake, and a pinata ( I was too busy playing hostess to get any pics). But she had a great turn out, our house was full of babies and big kids too, and of course parents.
My parents also had a "pretty in pink" party for her, and everyone came dressed in pink, even my 73 year old grandpa!She was really cute opening her gifts and eating cake like a big girl!
We will be traveling to South Dakota this weekend for one week and Grandma Hanson is having something for her up there too!Like I said she sure is loved!
SOfia at 12 months:
*VERY talkative
*Doesn't use a soft voice
* 4 teeth :D two on top two on bottom
* Still likes all electronics (laptops, cameras, cell phones, etc)
* Still like to play with her baby, she got a new one for her bday!
* learning to share
* learning to get along with the other babies at our play dates (we are out and about with the other moms and babies at least once a week, so she's doing better)
* uses a sippy cup, just water, she does not like juice
* She still will not try many foods.
* Her favorite food is still green beans, and yogurt is a close second
* She still takes a bottle to go to bed and nap.not sure when this is supposed to end
* She sleeps in her pack n play in our room. I know she should be in her own room now, I'm just so paranoid, and we still don't have a baby monitor.
* She is very attached to me. But I know she will adjust to Hektor well.
* She weighs 18 pounds, shes still pretty small, I really want her to be tall, but I am not sure, as long as she's healthy though!
*SHe is very healthy, now that the weather is done changing she has no runny nose or cough, and its so great to see her feeling well.
But over all shes a doll and a one of a kind! Happy Birthday Sofia!

Happy Mother's Day

Well Sunday May 7th was officially my first Mother's Day. Last year Sofia was born the day after Mother's Day. We went to mass and then dinner last night, just the three of us. It was nice. Then today the plan was Erik was going to take me shopping then, SOfia and I would hit the road to Corpus because my parents had a birthday party planned for Sofia. But of course EVERYTHING revolves around Sofia and she was too tired to shop, so we just headed straight for Corpus.It ended up being a nice day since I got to see lots of my relatives that are mommies, so I got to wish them a Happy Mothers Day in person... mommy 2 mommy :) Here are a few pics of Sofia's Pretty in Pink Birthday party.
Being a mom has been the most rewarding and educational part of my life.What I have learned so far
* Patience, which I am still trying to perfect ;) and this is the most difficult for me
* I am not always right
* That its ok if dinner isn't that tasty, or my cake isn't the cutest
* Time management
* Everything is easier if I'm organized
* I might not get to brush my teeth or shower right when I would like, but as long as it happens, we are good for the day!
* Keep a spare of EVERYTHING in your car (pampers, outfit, spoons, food, etc)
* The importance of "mom" friends
* Its ok to feel like running away
* That there is no greater love than a Mother's love
* My wants and sometimes needs no longer come first
* how fast time goes (especially with Sofia's first birthday already here )
* remember to breath
* not to take life too seriously
* Image really isn't important, things usually aren't what they seem
* Its ok to show up at play dates already dirty since shes just gonna get more dirty.
There is more, but these are the big ones!
I am so blessed to have a husband that can provide for us so that I can stay home with Sofia. I love staying home with her.She is such a joy to be around! I love watching her grow and develop into her own little person, she is so amazing.
I am also very blessed to have such a wonderful mother who has lead by example what being a mom is all about.I am forever greatful for all of the sacrifices she has made and continues to make for me and our family!