Monday, June 27, 2011


AND READY! Just had our doctor appointment for the week, but nada. I'm dialated at a 3, which my doctor thought I would be further along since I was a solid 2 last week. I'm suprised as well and a bit disappointed. But I just have to remind myself its all part of the plan. She mentioned that she does work Sunday and we are supposed to have storms Saturday night so maybe that will put me into labor??? Who knows? But she did also make an appointment for July 5th, she said she could see me going another week. I really doubt that! I am going to start walking again every night like I did two weeks ago, that seemed to help.

I'm really tired of the "oh you poor thing" comments and looks. I really feel fine. People! Feel sorry for me AFTER I have the baby; when I have a husband, a 14 month old, and a newborn to deal with :) I appreciate the concern but really I feel great!

I am having contractions, lots of back pain, so I think we are making slow progress. Slow and steady wins the race. Come on baby!!!!!

I wonder what will happen if I start jumping rope? LOL! My parents are coming up Friday in hopes that it takes place over this holiday weekend so they can help with Sofia and of course meet Hektor.

OHHH and it is OFFICIAL Hektor Isaak Hanson! We hadn't decided on a middle name, but there it is folks!

Love, The Texas Hansons