Monday, December 5, 2011

santa baby

sofia thought santa was a creepy guy this year! Haha. the pic is priceless. love my little butterball turkeys!

5 months!

Hektor at 5 months...
still not sleeping through the night. im very sleep deprived. if this post is incomplete i may have fallen asleep writing it!
he is a verrrrry light sleeper, in fact erik sleeps upstairs in the guest bedroom during the week so he can get some sleep and have energy at work.
he eats cereal three times a day. he loves it and gets excited watching me prepare it.
hes still very alert and aware of everything.
hes napping alone during the day now! I was having to hold him, but not any more!
hes begun to play in the play room with sofia.
he still sleeps in bed with me.
we still do cloth diapers, so far so good. i admit i use disposables when we are out in public or in corpus.
hes smiley just how sofia was.
it seems he prefers girls, lol. at the gym day care he will only go with the girl employees.
he wears size four disposable diapers. he and sofis wear the same size, lol.
hes very talkative
he still thinks sofia is sooo great : ) he smiles and talkS to her a lot. i hope they stay close always!hes reaching and grabbing anything and everything!
he sucks or chews on his thumb.
he doesnt roll over yet, but then again he hasnt had much practice cause he never lets me put him down!!
hes sitting well in the bumbo, finally!
hes growing and changing soooo fast! I love him more and more every single minute!