Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby Hanson #2 18 weeks

Well Baby Hanson #2 is 18 weeks old today!I feel that I finally look pregnant, as opposed to fluffy, or like I ate too much over the holidays.The belly has popped out and I think its obvious I'm pregnant. I sometimes wonder if people think I just still have some weight to loose from Sofia, but oh well.
I think we have already had a couple instances of sibling rivalry. Once last week Sofia woke up in the middle of the night, crying and baby #2 started kicking and moving like crazy. Then as soon as Sofia went back to sleep and it got quiet the movement stopped and we all went back to sleep. Then last night I was rocking Sofia and she was across my tummy and baby #2 started kicking and moving. As soon as Sofia fell asleep I laid her down and the movement from baby #2 stopped. I think Sofia was cramping his or her space in the womb.LOL. And so it begins...
I would really love for these two to be really close to one another. They are so close in age I think it will be great if they get along, whether its a boy or girl. I am going to do my best to encourage it.

As far as Miss Sofia goes, she is happy as a clam crawling and climbing everywhere. Her personality is changing, and she is definately becoming more and more independent every day.