Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gender Announcement

Well Baby number 2 is due July 4th! Sofia will be a big sister to a baby BOY!
I was so nervous for some reason. All morning long I just felt nervous, maybe I was just anxious.I just wanted to hear that everything was going perfectly. I was back and forth on if I wanted a girl or boy, I knew I just wanted a healthy baby! I had all these plans in my head for the two of them(different plans for boy and girl, of course). We are very excited.

The name has been decided Hektor Hanson. The name comes from one of my favorite movies, Troy. I fell in love with the character Hektor. He was such a great son, husband, father, brother,leader, and prince. The name means steadfast. I've had this name in mind for years. There are other names I liked more, but this is the only one Erik liked. So we went with it. Thanks GOODNESS! Erik had some horrible names in

Sofia is going to be a great big sister!I feel that she won't be AS jealous of a boy...maybe I'm wrong. But I think its going to work out well! Last night at bedtime, they were both hyper. Sofia was laughing and yelling with the lights out. She was not ready for bed. And baby Hektor was kicking and rolling around. I think they must be communicating already!