Sunday, March 20, 2011

Huntwick Lane!

Erik and I are closing on our first home together tomorrow at 10 am.This has been a long process but we are ready! The previous owners leased us the house (at no cost) so we could start moving. My parents came up a couple weekends ago to help with Sofia because Erik was out of town for work, and while they were here we cleaned out the house! Thanks mom, dad, and Claudia!
They came again for half of spring break to help me paint. The downstairs is complete!!!! I think I have decided on colors for the upstairs guest room and restroom, the nursery and play room so I think I can get that going soon. Erik will get to decorate his office, so thats one room I don't have to worry about.

We have plenty of room for company! However, be advised that after July 4th there will be two babies under two in our home :)
So who will be our first visitors!?
I will post pictures as soon as I find/unpack the cord for my camera.

Sofia helped by packing up her books!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

I found candy Mom!

Turns out she was unsure about the candy.

Aunt Claudia and Sofia sporting green!

breakfast with Momo and Popo :)

Sofia had her first St. Patty's Day!Of course Cha Cha(my mom) made sure she wore green so no one would pinch her chubby thighs :) It was a great, beautiful day!