Monday, March 19, 2012

Hektor- 8 months

I hate blogging in a rush, but Im so behind so it will have to do!
Things are getting easier. Thank you GOD! Just when I thought I can't take it anymore things got easier. FEwwwww!
Some new changes:
*Hektor is sleeping a lot better. Morning and afternoon naps are with ease. Night time he is also doing great. In fact he slept through the night last night whoohooo!
*He was having some major trouble with his teething. We bought him one of those teething necklaces made of some benzite stones (i think). and wow what a difference it has made. WOw! Wow! WOW! why did i not have one before?
* he eats anything and everything. ok not everything i know there are certain things he cannot eat, ex: nuts. but hes a really good eater. texture does not phase him.
* he weighs 19.2 pounds, hes a stout little guy. he doesnt look heavy but he is!
*wears size 4 diapers
*wears size 9- 12 month clothing
*he has his first hair cut :) he looks like a man now!
*he still enjoys bath time
*he is soo happy most of the time.
*still needs to be close to me. if not hes fussy.hes sitting right next to me now!
*he laughs and laughs with sofia. he really enoys her company.
* he is not crawling yet
*he likes the bouncer and will jump on occasions.hes more reserved in that jumper than sofia was.
* i am starting to show him the your baby can read program. sofias not watching it as much so i have been slacking and hektors not been exposed as much. starting now!
*still only has 2 bottom teeth
*still has long narrow feet, with long finger toes
* he is doing really well at baby gym! they never call me anymore, unless he or sofia has a poopy diaper.
that about sums up hektor at 8 months. happy, healthy, good eater, and sleeping pretty well these days. love my baby boy!

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